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DeltaLink Altus
Cloud based HR/Payroll
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Employee Administration

Manage all your employee key data better than ever. Maintenance is easy and information is up to date and consistent for HR and business related decisions

Organisational Management

Manage information about organisational units, jobs, positions and employees using superior organisational management functionality, the backbone of effective organisational structure management

Time Management

Record, track, monitor and evaluate your employees working time and activities with state of the art planning and data entry technologies

Benefits Management

Create and manage tailor made benefits packages using flexible frameworks and versatile configuration options


Handle complex payroll processes in full compliance with current legal regulations at the click of a button. Support for more than 48 countries is standard. Customisation is unlimited



Manage your employee compensation easily to ensure optimal and effective allocation of funds that reward performance appropriately, optimise your employee compensation budgets, improve regulatory compliance and increase your value adding capabilities through advanced monitoring, standard reports and insightful metrics

Performance & Goals

Assess talent, employee potential and competencies and evaluate talent retention. Define assessment templates that support your organisation’s decisions about talent development, succession and career planning, and improve your employee’s motivation


Tailor learning paths to individual educational needs and learning styles using a comprehensive learning portal


Identify and close talent gaps in your organisation using comprehensive insight on your workforce. Identify KEY positions and retain talent for best business execution, ensure continuity with proactive development of your workforce, gain valuable insights into workforce expertise and aspirations, maintain and understand employee history to improve career planning


Simplify, streamline and accelerate your recruitment process using talent pool creation and advanced applicant tracking and reporting functions. Integration with the hiring process is seamless



Comprehensive standard reporting functionality and unlimited potential for customized reporting


Powerful tools with three decades of expertise in HR metrics built into them to give you real business insight for sound business decisions that leverage on your most valuable resource – your people




Best of breed SAP solutions built on experience and innovation which spans over 3 decades. Implemented by expert consultants with a long history of successful HRMS projects


Access to critical HR data is straightforward and easy. Get current information faster, and facilitate better and quicker decisions and actions, enabling you to practise fair and effective HR management that will elevate your HR service delivery to higher levels

Improve your chances of holding on to key talent and increase employee satisfaction and engagement through personalized development programs


Perform your core HR and Payroll activities with improved operational efficiency and lower cost of compliance and mitigate any risk imposed from new regulations and legislation, locally and globally

Reduce HR and payroll cost per employee and total cost of ownership with single instance for multiple countries. Use workforce planning and analytics to proactively identify and fill talent gaps, ensure that talent supply never fails to meet your needs


Your improved HR service delivery will transform into visible business results as your new tools will offer better HR services at lower HR related costs and as your HR employees are free to concentrate on value­generating activities


What specific payroll functionality is included?

We offer very comprehensive payroll functionality. Here’s what you get in a nutshell: - Monthly, weekly or bi-weekly payment cycles - Full integration with all payroll relevant HR activities in organisational management and personnel actions on a real time basis (i.e. absences) - Payslip generation - Pay-sheet/payment file generation - Automatic generation payment files for statutory (tax, social security etc.) and non statutory (medical &/or provident funds etc.) - Accounting posting file generation for integration/interfacing with underlying accounting systems

What statutory &/or compliance reporting is included?

ΙΚΑ (Gr), ΤΣΜΕΔΕ (Gr), ΤΑΥΤΕΚΩ (Gr), ΤΕΑΑΠΑΕ (Gr), ΤΑΝΠΥ (Gr), ΤΑΠΙΛΤΑΤ (Gr), Ταμείο Νομικών (Gr), ΣΕΜΕΤ (Gr), ΟΤΟΕ (Gr), Αποταμιευτικό Τέκνων (Gr), Συνταξιοδοτικό Δικηγόρων (Gr), ΟΑΕΔ (Gr), Monthly Social Security and Income Tax reports (Cy), IR7 (Cy), IR63 (Cy)

How secure is my data in the cloud?

We offer access control and physical security (secure data centre in top tier SAP approved hosting facility in Europe with round the clock manned security, security cameras monitoring activity throughout the facility and motion detectors with automatic notification of security and law enforcement personnel in case of breach), application security (SSL technology, password protection, safe desktops and session timeouts), data encryption, anti-virus security, network protection (best in class network equipment including firewall, switches and intrusion detection), information security incident management, backup, failover and redundancy

Can I use DeltaLink ALTUS on my mobile/tablet?

Yes, you can access DeltaLink ALTUS from any web-enabled device like a smartphone or a tablet

How do I get up and running?

Easy! Just sign up here for a free consultation visit. We will evaluate your current setup and circumstances in order to come up with our rapid implementation proposal. If all goes to plan you should be up and running within a month

How does pricing work?

Pricing is based on volume and in this case volume means employees. You basically pay a fixed rate per employee per month. Sign up here for a free consultation visit to find out more

Can I manage my absence processes completely on DeltaLink ALTUS?

Of course! The absence approval process can be managed through simple yet comprehensive workflows on the self service portal. Every time you run payroll, any payroll relevant changes to absence data are automatically incorporated

I currently provide payroll services to multiple companies. Can I migrate to DeltaLink ALTUS and maintain my service offering to them?

Absolutely! This would be an ideal upgrade for your clients while at the same time you will streamline your own processes enabling you to improve your service delivery. Migration is simple. And what better way to do this than utilising best of breed solutions that the SAP platform provides, with best practices that come from decades of knowledge, experience and innovation

Does DeltaLink Altus include employee and/or manager self service?

Yes, it does! The self service portal comes as standard, enabling you to automate your paper-based processes and in turn enable your employees to manage important life and work events, with support for more than 80 employee activities, from employee search and benefits management to travel management and procurement

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